What We Believe

We affirm and believe in:

  • The inspiration and revelation of Jesus
    • The Bible as our authority
  • The existence of ONE God, in three persons: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • The Creation of the human race in the image of God
  • The "fall" resulting in a desperate need for God
  • The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and the consummation of all creation and reality under Him
  • The deity of Jesus, His incarnation, result of Himself on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice, and His resurrection
  • Connection with God by grace alone through faith flowing from his Spirit
  • Priesthood of believers (you and I can go straight to God in relationship
  • One Holy Christian Church, the body of Christ 

Values Statement for Church on the Esplanade

It is our desire that every member of Church on the Esplanade grows towards realization of these core values (based on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission).

For a complete statement of COtE theology, see the Baptist Faith and Message at this link: